The fresh new criticism away from writers and singers here plus handled this inconsistent reality; therefore the fresh Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovi?

The fresh new criticism away from writers and singers here plus handled this inconsistent reality; therefore the fresh Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovi?

Its issue is especially approaching the fresh new perception produced by the newest encounter anywhere between 2 kinds of “monocultures”: the newest Balkan you to definitely, ideologically oppressive, xenophobic and patriarchal; plus the that ruled by west feminism. J. Stokic, “Un-Carrying out Monoculture: Women Writers and singers in the ‘Blind Location regarding Europe’ – the former Yugoslavia,” ART) In numerous periods and you may facts, such people performers criticized the two cultural stereotypes as they experimented with in order to determine something of people label without having ideological tips.

Because Strona internetowa the Jovana Stoki? pertinently sees, brand new Yugoslav socialism is actually an original consolidation anywhere between communist ideology and you can consumerist issue within the perfect cohabitation. composed multiple variety of work taking a look at the brand new associations anywhere between a single and you may a beneficial “standardized” name, the second being perfectly illustrated by the fashion periodicals, which have advertising for various cosmetics facts. On 1975 collection “Double Existence,” Sanja Ivekovic, Personal Slices, hrsg. Silvia Eibl. searching for her very own/ a womanly name, brand new singer showcases photo had written in style periodicals near to together with her very own pictures, looking to “imitate” this new models’ postures. Bringing together both sort of pictures suggests so it disturbed browse to own identity, all the questions this new musician requires in her own energy to describe the woman womanliness, including their private title.

Regarding the entertaining endeavor “Selecting a partner having European union Passport”, the fresh new singer develops this idea for the multiple implies: towards one-hand, a method out-of notice-rescue regarding Eastern ghetto, while doing so, an instance study throughout the men and women plus the relationships between the two

In identical effort regarding questioning individuals identities inside relation having for the last, Sanja Ivekovi? repeats decades later on, from inside the 2000, which theme regarding the show entitled “Intercourse XX” and you will borrows regarding magazines individuals photos of types of unpassioned and you may standardized “beauty,” and also transmits the notion of deluxe and you will voluptuousness, about what she prints the labels and you may details about specific anti-Fascist lady militants, communist heroines. What about them is bound so you’re able to declaring inside a dried out trend the young years when they was basically carried out otherwise the time suicide once they were trapped.

Sanja Ivekovi?is the reason preoccupations are directed a lot more with the women, sexual templates. In the happening named “Inter nos,” she interacts to your societal – regarding exactly who she’s split from the a transparent skin – with the help of a display. Which going on centers around the newest isolation and you can confinement the brand new musician are trying to surmount because of the installing a relationship towards the listeners.

For a team of artisans belonging to the space off old boyfriend-Yugoslavia, the new check for label try just the connection between politics, community, additionally the personal: “the body of the country” are in some individual government marked by the ideology

The challenge from national name is far more plus serious within the the way it is off loads of writers and singers of the younger age group who were significantly affected by the latest wars regarding ex-Yugoslav room. To possess Milica Tomic, the latest federal identity will get the brand new main theme in a video abilities in which the artist gift ideas herself cheerful and you may declaring many identities inside as numerous overseas dialects (“I am Milica Tomic, I’m Dutch, etc”); however, at the same time, of numerous bloodstream discolorations show up on the girl young human anatomy, escaping of several hidden wounds. That it show reveals the newest connection amongst the thought of national name therefore the wound (the result of the new imaginary guilt off belonging to a specific nation), with directinnuendos on upheaval because of the newest Serbs’ nationalistic pathos from the modern times.

At the same time, another artist, Tanja Ostoji?, enters another, revolutionary brand of search into the federal and you may individual identity. She spends her own nude system, filtered away from hair – breaking for this reason spiritual taboos – because a mediator between individual place and you may societal room, deliberately carrying out a questionnaire with no seduction and you will sensuality, an easy “tool” throughout the meditation process. Branislav Dimitrijevic expresses an appealing thoughts regarding the her abilities, considering that the singer decides to represent by herself as the a good sort of “way of life photo,” not an effective “lifestyle statue,” but rather a beneficial “lifestyle memorial” if not a beneficial “ready made”.